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Message from CEO

We don't just provide construction management, architectural, and engineering services – we are building a community!

Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Welcome and thank you for visiting the TJCM Group of Companies Canada website. I am John Gursoy, Principal and Chief Executive Officer.

TJCM Group of Companies Canada (TJCM Group) focuses on Construction Management, Environmental, and Engineering Consulting, with a knowledgeable and experienced Architectural and Interior Design division. We have developed management and engineering teams with expertise in all contract types and in a variety of design projects. We are committed to our clients and are willing to take on any project and are always able to collectively find solutions, regardless of the project complexity. That is the beauty of our team, we genuinely love what we do. We treat every relationship and every project with exceptional care to bring ideas to life.

As a founder, I know the value of hard work firsthand. I began my career in construction in my teenage years and continued to pursue my goals with the group of companies I have now in mind. With the experience I have attained over the years, I have built a firm foundation with strong beliefs in the following areas: honesty, transparency, culture, ethics, integrity, personal touch, and most especially knowledge learned from past experiences. These principles have and will continue to contribute to the success of TJCM Group of Companies for years to come.

As CEO, my duty to this company has been to create an organizational policy that includes ethical compliance, human resources, health, and safety, environmental, sustainability, strategy, and quality to best support our clients, our community, our team, and our stakeholders. I strive to work hard to benefit the community by continued business success, protecting and promoting employees, reducing environmental impact, and ensuring community investment. My commitment goes far beyond this, as TJCM Group of Companies is a business I gladly and wholeheartedly pour everything I have into.

I would like to especially thank all TJCM past, current, and repeat clients, stakeholders, and my team, for their ongoing support for our company and community.

As Chief Executive Officer,


John Gursoy

Chief Executive Officer