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At TJCM Group of Companies Canada Inc. (TJCM), we recognize and respect the importance of security. TJCM builds and maintains cohesive partnerships between our employees and clients on the foundation of mutual trust, respect and success. Ensuring the security and safety of TJCM team members and its stakeholders, both internally and externally, is of utmost importance to TJCM and the Company’s Core Values.


At TJCM Group of Companies Canada Inc. (TJCM), we place emphasis on the security and safety of our confidential documents and IT programs/software. TJCM has devised an IT Management System to avoid and safety breaches and leaking of classifies/confidential information.


Only few selected, security cleared, TJCM personnel are granted access to confidential client and personal information within TJCM and its operations. This includes the storage and distribution of client keys and codes for building access. TJCM workers, sub-contractors, clients and stakeholders alike can rest assured that their personal information is safe within our internal systems and will be used only for the purposes for which it was collected.


Providing the right people for the right job is imperative to the success of the Company. To ensure on-site safety and security, and to protect the Company’s quality assurance, all TJCM employees and Sub-contractors are subject to mandatory personnel security screening as a prerequisite to providing any services on TJCM worksites/projects. This security clearance allows all workers unescorted access to work sites.