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We don't just provide construction services, we are building a community.


TJCM isn't your average construction company - we are committed to investing in and creating personal relationships with all of our clients. We are a full management company with a foundation based on quality workmanship and on-time scheduling with a personal touch. Our goal is to form strong connections and partnerships with our clients that will last well beyond the scope of their projects.

1.1 Our Commitment to Privacy

Protecting personal and confidential information is TJCM’s highest priority and we take our responsibility in regards to this, with extreme caution and care. In this statement we will explain how we do this by setting out where we hold personal information, for how long we hold it, how we collect this information and most importantly how we secure it, along with your rights.

1.2 Privacy Statement Changes

TJCM may at any time, update or change this statement. We will ensure that the revised version of this statement is posted not only on this page but on our website as well. If you are unsure whether the copy you are reading is the most current, please contact us at any time, and we will send you the most current version. TJCM encourages all it’s clients, vendors, suppliers and sub-contractors to check this page as often as they deem necessary, to ensure they are aware of our current statement.


TJCM only collects and processes personal or confidential information under strict bases, which include business and legal categories. These include where it is in our legitimate interest as business to do so (so as to provide you with the services requested), where required by law or where needed to fulfill contractual obligations. TJCM only collects information that has been voluntarily given, you are not under any obligation to provide TJCM with any personal information, however, if we are not provided certain information (as required by law or to fulfill contractual obligation) we may not be able to provide certain services.

2.1 Collection of Information

TJCM collects its information our website (when individuals or companies sign up for our newsletter), from business interactions (such as meetings, exchanging of business cards, or collecting information from events such as conferences) or information that you provide to us in regards to the service(s) we provide.

2.2 Sharing Personal Information

TJCM may share your information, but only in the event of the following:

  • With other TJCM employees in order to fulfill our business obligation(s)
  • With authorized official bodies to detect or prevent criminal activity, or where legally obligated
  • With our sub-contractors and vendors, and only when necessary to fulfill business obligations
  • With anyone else you give us specific permission to do so with


TJCM will only ever use your personal or confidential information in complete compliance with all relevant laws and policies. TJCM may use your information in one or more of the following ways:

  • We may use your contact information (once provided by you) to respond to your business request and to complete our contractual obligation(s)
  • We may use identification information and documents to verify your identity (in compliance with all regulatory and legal requirements both internal and external)
  • Where consent is given, we may us your information to keep you updated on all TJCM marketing and business services (for which you may unsubscribe at any time)
  • We may use personal information you have given to us to conduct or fulfill contractual obligations and for business only. For example, for TJCM employees to gain access to property to complete a service where given specific permission to do so
  • We may use your financial information (where necessary and legally acceptable) to asses eligibility to work with or for TJCM in all business capacities

3.1 Where We Keep and Process Information

TJCM will only ever store and process your personal information within the confines of TCM specifically. This is to ensure that your information is always kept safe and protected against third parties. If a third party must be involved for any reason, legally or otherwise, you will always be notified and can choose not to grant permission. TJCM has specific safeguards, which are outlined in our Code (which can be found on our website and through any TJCM Management when requested) to ensure the protection of information so as never to be misused or duplicated in an authorized manner.

3.2 Stop Us from Contacting You

If you have provided us with personal information and the consent to contact, you (either for business or marketing compacities) you are well within your right to withdraw your consent at any time you deem necessary. TJCM with comply immediately with your request. You can do this by contacting your TJCM representative or any member of the TJCM Management team.

3.3 Ask Us Not to Use Your Information

If you choose, for any reason, not to allow TJCM access to your information (including the collection and or holding of your information) at any time, you are able to contact a member of the TJCM Management or your TJCM Representative directly and request us not to use your information. TJCM may have to keep some of your information for legal and business reason, for example, to comply with regulatory or legal requirements. If this is the case, you will be informed directly and immediately.

3.4 Have Your Information Corrected

If at any time, you believe the information TJCM has on file is incorrect, or you would like to update your information with us, you are encouraged to contact any member of TJCM’s Management or your TJCM Representative directly and we will correct this information where necessary. TJCM is always committed to ensuring your information is up to date and correct at all times.


TJCM is committed to ensuring the protection of each and every one of our clients, vendors, suppliers, sub-contactors and employees to the highest level. The protection of this information is ensured by the policies and procedures TJCM has set out internally and externally (which can be found in our Code of Conduct, on our website or by direct request through TJCM Management) along with our following of any and all laws and regulations, whether the information is electronically collected and stored, or in manual form.

4.1 Request a Copy of The Information We Have

At any time you deem necessary, you are able to access the information that TJCM holds about you. To do so, we encourage you to contact any member of TJCM Management or your TJCM Representative directly and we will comply immediately with your request.

4.2 How Long We Keep Your Information

TJCM will keep your information on file (whether that be electronically or in manual form) for as long as it is necessary to complete or conduct business or for legal reasons. We will then delete this information (unless otherwise authorized by yourself) in a safe and secure manner, ensure that this information is not copied or kept without your consent.

4.3 How to Complain

TJCM takes any and all complaints pertaining to your personal information and its use within our company, extremely serious and we encourage you to contact us immediately if you feel we have misused or misrepresented our intent in regards to your information. You may do so through any TJCM Management member, your TJCM Representative or through our Ethics Hotline which can be reached at any time toll-free at 1-866-702-8528.

4.4 The Personal Information We Collect

When collecting your personal information, TJCM prides itself on being open and transparent about we will use it, store it and most importantly protect it on your behalf. We value your information as much as our own and will do everything within our power to ensure you and your information is safeguarded internally and externally in any and all business interacts TJCM has with you.

4.5 How Else to Contact Us

If you should have any further questions or concerns about any of the above statement, we encourage you to contact any TJCM Management team member or your representative directly at any time. We will do our very best to ensure your questions or concerns are addressed in a timely matter and to your satisfaction.

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